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The Oregon Area Al-Anon Handbook is a tool used by the Oregon AWSC and is provided here for reference only. Changes are the responsibility of the Oregon AWSC. Changes to this section of the web site will be made after the Handbook has gone thru the review process.

al-anon Table of Contents al-anon Section 1 - General Position Description Information
al-anon Section 2 - Position Descriptions (1st half) al-anon Section 2 - Position Descriptions (2nd half)
al-anon Section 3 - Oregon Area Motions al-anon Section 4 - Budget/Finance
al-anon Section 5 - District Information
al-anon Section 6 (Entirety) - Area Events-Assemblies/State Speaker Meeting/Regional Service Seminar al-anon Section 6 (Pgs. 20, 21) - Flyer Eligibilty and Guidelines
al-anon Section 7 - Oregon Area Procedures al-anon Section 8 - Alateen

Latest Documents:

Area Budget Cash Flow as of June 2015, (07/2015)

Area Budget Cash Flow as of May 2015, (05/2015)

Guidelines for OR Area Archives, (10/2012)

Final Approved 2015 Budget, (03/2015)

Best Practices - Membership Retention, (11/2014)

State Speakers Meeting Questionare, (11/2014)

Delegate's Report Oct 2014 AWSC 10/2014

Thought and Task Committee Assignments, (3/2014)

Completed Thought and Task Committee Assignments, (3/2014)



WSO Resume 2015 Soliciations

Exec Committee Real Property Management

Trustee at Large and Regional Trustee

Committees With At-Large Members



AWSC Oct 2015 Agenda

AWSC Jun 2015 Agenda

AWSC Feb 2015 Agenda

Trusted Servant Profile Sheet, (Rev 10/2012) - PDF document

Area Chairperson Position Description



July 2015 Assembly Final Agenda




Al-Anon World Service Office
Ph: 1-888-4AL-ANON 
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