District 8 Meetings


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Bandon 7:00 pm, Bandon AFG, Southern Coos Hospital, 900 SE 11th St


North Bend 12:00 pm, Daytime AFG, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, 2250 16th St (*Closed to visiting Professionals / Students)

Brookings 6:30 pm, Let It Begin With Me AFG, St Timothy's Episcopal Church, 409 Fir St

Deadwood 6:30 pm, Greatful Deadwood AFG, 92976 Deadwood Creek Rd

Mapleton 7:00 pm, Mapleton AFG, Mapleton Evangelical Church, Oregon 36 (Cedar Room, Fragrance free)


Brookings 6:30 pm, Keep It Simple AFG, Miracle on Wharf Street, 209 Wharf St (Handicap access)

Florence 7:00 pm, Siuslaw AFG, Cross Road Assembly Of God Church, 1380 10th St (Room 14, Handicap Access, Fragrance free)


Florence 12:30 pm, Hope in AFG, Alano Club, 1525 12th St, Suite 25 (Back Annex)

Coos Bay 7:00 pm, Wednesday CBNB AFG, First United Methodist Church, 123 Ocean Blvd SE (Handicap access, Babysitting)


Florence 12:00 pm, Florence Acceptance AFG, St Andrews Episcopal Church, 19th & Tamarack St


Coos Bay 10:00 am, Friday Empire AFG, The Nancy Devereux Center, 1200 Newmark Ave (Handicap access, Fragrance free)

Brookings 12:00 pm, The Next Step AFG, St Timothys Episcopal Church, 401 Fir St  (Downstairs)

North Bend 12:00 pm, Live and Let Live AFG, South Coast Alano Club, 1836 Union Street (Handicap access, Use Side Door, Meets In Back Room)

Florence 5:30 pm, Hope in AFG, Alano Club, 1525 12th St (Back Annex)

North Bend 7:00 pm, Experience Strength & Hope AFG,Community Health And Education Center, 3950 Sherman Ave


Brookings 10:00 am, Saturday Serentiy AFG, St Timothys Episcopal Church, 401 Fir St (Handicap access, Step-Study)

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Alateen Meeting

*Closed Meetings

All meetings are open to persons affected by another's problem drinking. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are open to visiting professionals / students. Some meetings are noted to be "Closed to visiting professionals / students".